Vanilla Nut Flavored Decaf Coffee (5lb Bag)

Vanilla Nut Flavored Decaf Coffee (5lb Bag)
5 lbGrind Qty: $44.95
Vanilla is such a smooth and delicious flavor on its own, but paired with the flavor of warm, toasted nuts it doesn't get any better. If you are a nut connoisseur, the mild nut tones of this flavored coffee will drive your taste buds insane in the midst of all the vanilla goodness. Our decaf coffee retains the same delicious flavors and aroma as our regular coffee, except it is decaffeinated and lacks effects of caffeine. This Decaf Vanilla Nut flavored coffee has the best balance of flavor that any vanilla connoisseur would go nutty for.

Although nut flavors are often only available during the fall and winter seasons, has them available year round. You can enjoy your nutty cravings all year, and the Decaf Vanilla Nut flavored coffee is one of the best ways to give into your temptations. This sweet and delicious decaf coffee offers the right amount of smoky and toasty flavors, while providing a true creamy feel with the vanilla. The aroma will waft into your kitchen and wake you up, making you want another cup and then another. However, don't worry there are only 2 calories in each cup, making this the perfect treat to indulge in.

Made with 100% real Arabica beans, you can expect the freshest and best quality of beans perfect for every brew. If you love the way vanilla flavors taste in a warm cup of coffee, give into this Decaf Vanilla Nut coffee. It will be freshly roasted and shipped on the same day ensuring the best of customer service and flavor in every cup. Mmm, go ahead enjoy the Vanilla Nut!

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.