K-Cup Replacement

GourmetCoffee.net is proud to feature EZ-Cups and EZ-Cup filters, so you can enjoy your favorite gourmet coffees in your Keurig coffee machine. Now, you can have single-cup brewed within seconds of any of your favorite coffees because the EZ-Cup and the EZ-Cup filters replace the K-Cups. By using the EZ-Cup, you can have much more variety, versatility, and choice in selecting your favorite coffees than by just using the K-Cup coffees.

The EZ-Cup takes the place of the K-Cup, while the EZ-Cup filter goes into the EZ-Cup – so you can add whatever gourmet coffee grind suits you. If you like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the Maui Yellow Caturra, now all you have to do is add a little into each filter and you’re all set to enjoy your selection the way you would any other K-Cup product. Nothing is quite like a personalized single-cup of coffee that is made in less than a minute!

Since GourmetCoffee.net has a full variety of gourmet, flavored, organic, and decaf coffees, go ahead and feel free to pick and choose what would be best in your Keurig machine. The EZ-Cup will provide you with an easy coffee experience – so all you have to do is enjoy!
Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Reusable Filter Cup
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Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Filters
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