Update .7 Liter Thermal Carafe

0.7 Liter Thermal Carafe
If you are looking for a smaller sized thermal carafe, this .7 Liter Carafe is the ideal size thermal to hold coffee and tea. This 24 oz. carafe is ideal to carry to class, work, a Saturday morning soccer game, or on a romantic picnic for two. This carafe allows you to keep your favorite gourmet coffee or freshly brewed teas with you throughout the day, so you can enjoy a warm treat of your favorite flavors.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it makes the perfect addition to your daily routine. Wake up, get your coffee in your thermal, go with it all day, and then simply wash it at night – then repeat! This way, you’ll never have to go without your gourmet coffee and tea.

If warm beverages aren’t your cup of tea, try this .7 Liter Carafe for your cold beverages. If you want to keep iced tea, smoothies, juice, soda, or even water in this thermal, you will be able to have a cold, refreshing beverage by your side at all times – instead of relying on plastic bottles or buying drinks when you’re out and about.

Whether you prefer to use this .7 Liter Carafe for hot or cold beverages, we know you will fall in love with this drink accessory! Not only does this make a great personal gift, but for those that are busy and on the go – this is a good addition to anyone’s everyday routine!