Toddy Maker - Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

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Toddy Maker - Cold-Brew Coffee Maker
Cold Brew coffee maker...but why? For several good reasons actually! knows our customer base and we carry everything for everyone. Toddy brews coffee cold instead of hot so that the oils and acid, normally found in hot coffee, are eliminated. This not only improves the taste, but also carries a great health benefit to those who are sensitive to coffee acid.

User friendly and easy to clean, this Toddy maker will thrill you with the exceptional coffee it brews. Add hot water to the concentrate or throw it over ice and water for a summer time treat of Iced coffee. Either way, it will be some of the most delightful coffee you've ever had. The Toddy maker is deserving for all because of ts high praise. is obsessed with quality, and this proves it!