Tropic of Coffee Blend (5lb Bag)

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The Tropic of Coffee blend offers you three different bold tastes, making this coffee a stand-out contender for those who appreciate their coffee carrying a tasteful punch. If you like your coffee to warm you up and surprise you with its flavor, time and time again, this blend of Hawaiian Kona, Indonesian beans, and our gourmet Espresso Verdi is the perfect creation of a truly unique coffee. Low in tang, but encompassed with a full body, the Tropic of Coffee blend won't limit your taste buds from coffee paradise!

Since this blend tastes good with every meal, the Tropic of Coffee blend has unlimited appeal. The Kona beans, Indonesian beans, and the Espresso Verdi create any coffee aficionado's dream of high-quality blended coffee. The bold taste, inspired by each flavor from each individual bean, is the ultimate in making this medium-dark coffee relieve your taste buds from boredom.

While the Hawaiian Kona tastes nutty and offers an intense aroma, the Indonesian beans are a tad bit rich and spicy giving these two beans blending for the Espresso Verdi which is heavy in body and espresso-based flavor.'s Tropic of Coffee blend has all bases covered for this coffee-espresso infused treat!

If you want your coffee to cover all the bases, let the Tropic of Coffee blend take you to the boldness of distinguished flavor and quality!