Sumatra Mandheling Coffee (1lb Bag)

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee (1lb Bag)
1 lbGrind Qty: $15.95
Sumatra coffee is known for being rich, and the Sumatra Mandheling doesn't disappoint. In fact, it exceeds in richness with a thick, syrupy chocolate infused flavor, powerful brown sugar sapidity, a full-bodied richness complete with mild earthy tones, and a deep-toned aroma. The Sumatra Mandheling has everything a decadent, strong coffee could ever ask for!

The Dutch originally brought coffee and tea to Sumatra, and the success of it took Europe by storm. Currently, ancient Arabica trees in the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra grow these delicious Mandheling coffee beans. This is nearly 200 years of coffee bean production proving that Sumatra's climate and soil is just right for turning out world renowned beans.

In 1835, Sumatra's extravagant coffee beans helped the Dutch East India Trading Company become an absolute monopoly with the coffee trade. Without Sumatra's thick flavors that create mouth watering aromas and unforgettable flavors, the Dutch could have never exported coffee the way they did. Talk about a fortunate discovery for the Dutch who decided to use Sumatra's ideal jungles to lead coffee cultivation.

If you like your coffee medium roasted, thick, and coated with flavors that will resemble a decadently rich dessert, this Sumatra Mandheling coffee will hit the spot it has for the past 200 years!
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By Minister L.
Santa Barbara California
The wife’s favorite
April 20, 2023
earthy, herbal, and spicy taste. also tastes notes of mushrooms, fungus, moss, leather, and wood
  • Enjoy a smoother, fuller-bodied taste. It
By Charlene
Awesome company
May 2, 2021
Very smooth and rich taste. Love this coffee.
By Mary
A great dark coffee
February 5, 2021
My husband loves coffee. He favors dark roast coffee like this Sumatra Mandheiling. But he drinks medium and light roasted as well.
I am not a coffee drinker, but he said this is some of the best coffee he has had. There isn't one he does not like.
Thank you for keeping him happy with great tasting coffee.I will continue buying from this Coffee business.
By Carol
Sumatra Mandheling was not what I was use to
April 24, 2020
Looking for a new coffee company that would deliver, I decided to try coffee from this company. Our favorite is Sumatra Mandheling as sadly we do not like anything else. The beans looked fresh, however, this was a much darker roast than I expected. It is not the company, but just did not care for their Sumatra. Too bitter for my taste.
By john b.
Tastes OK but.............
April 23, 2020
As a rabid lover of Starbucks Sumatra, I purchased four pounds of your SUmatra to compare! The packaging and shopping experience were top notch, could not be improved but the Mandheling tasted weak to us even if I increased the qty i use to brew, as compared to Starbucks.

Even with the increased amount added to the brew, the finished product tastes like it has been diluted by a significant amount of water.
By Alice
one of my favorites
February 24, 2020
Bold deep flavor ...very rich
By Ralph
Florida Double Wide
I Was A Harrar Bean Die Hard
October 15, 2019
I've been drinking coffee since I was a child. I'm an old guy now and have developed certain tastes in coffee. A few years ago I was introduced to the amazing taste of Harrar, it was decidedly the best I'd ever tasted. Up till then that is. Sadly for the growers and other folks in Ethiopia there's no longer real Fair Trade product being exported. I searched the internet and found a real dearth of acceptable coffee.
Luckily for me I happened upon Travel The World Via Gourmet Coffee. Fortunately I chose their Sumatra Mandheling Coffee. This beats Harrar by leaps and bounds. Caution is advised though, to sample the strength of this bean before making a decision as it's Strong Stuff. I add a bit of Colombian to my pot and it's simply the best coffee I've ever tasted, on all counts. Of course one may chose to use less Mandheling per cup, But for me a blend is here to stay.
I happy now and grateful. May this company prosper.
By Christina A.
Upstate NY
Use the French press
May 3, 2019
Arrived promptly, always pleased with the service. Now buying it by the pound.
By Gary G.
Great coffee buying experience
March 5, 2018
Great coffee at a great price. Will be buying again!
  • All of it
  • None
By Dorine
Pamplin, Va
Smoky full bodied
July 19, 2016
Smoky full body with chocolate after flavor. Great as iced coffee. 1st time we've ordered & will reorder.
  • Good morning pick me up brew.
  • None
By Michael
The best
November 30, 2015
This is the best coffee that I have purchased from you.