Sumatra 'Black Satin' Gourmet Coffee (1lb Bag)

Sumatra 'Black Satin' Gourmet Coffee (1lb Bag)
1 lbGrind Qty: $15.95
Just like its name, the Sumatra Black Satin Roast is smoothly divine. Produced in West Sumatra, this coffee may be one of the most decadent roasts available. If you love a dark roasted coffee that offers a subtle tang, a heavy-syrup based body, and hints of chocolate and rich brown sugar finished with a black pepper tinge, this Black Satin Roast coffee bean is your ticket to coffee heaven.

Sumatra Black Satin Roast helps put Sumatra on the map for its luxurious coffee beans. Originally, the Dutch cultivated coffee and tea in Sumatra. The popularity of its taste and strength caught on in Europe, making Sumatran coffee a staple in the Dutch East India Trading Company.

The Sumatra Black Satin Roast comes from the jungle of Sumatra, leaving these delicious coffee beans drenched in flavor and a whole lot of excitement. Your mouth will water once your nose gets a trace of the highly aromatic scent of the Black Satin Roast, and your tongue will feel inspired to go wild with its full-bodied texture and dark, sweet flavor.

If you are looking for a reliable cup of coffee that will drive your taste buds senseless, the Sumatra Black Satin Roast will deliver and it won't disappoint!
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By Hank
New York
Really delicious
February 20, 2023
Really nice coffee. Taste great. Came quick
By Dave
Kansas City, MO
Sumatra Black Satin - Dark Roast
January 8, 2023
This is my favorite coffee. I'm on a tight budget, but once in a while I'll splurge and order this coffee from Gourmet It is sooo much better than the grocery store coffee I try to survive on. With my most recent purchase of Sumatra Black Satin, I noticed while brewing a cup (pour over with a cone filter) that there were hundreds of bubbles bursting as the hot water worked thru the coffee. I think this is due to the gases being released from the recent roasting of the coffee. I never see the bubbles with grocery store coffee. Really good stuff!
Sumatran roast whole beans
May 14, 2022
Really good Sumatran roast!
By Ron T.
FedEx lost shipment
April 27, 2022
I hear the coffee is excellent but I haven’t received it FedEx lost my shipment I’m dying to try it
By Susan
My favorite!
December 2, 2021
Very flavorful, somewhat heavy. Every order has been consistent: always perfect dark roast for me.
By BillT
Oneonta, NY
Very Flavorful Coffee
March 17, 2021
Enjoying this coffee as I write this review. Very smooth & flavorful coffee.
By S G.
Portland, OR
So Good!
January 8, 2021
Even though I always buy good coffee beans, buying this Sumatra Black Satin reminded me how freshly-roasted beans make the real difference in the excellence of the brew. The aroma of the beans themselves is heavenly, and the smooth wine-eyness of the brewed coffee is a real treat. Very, very impressed with my first purchase from Gourmet Coffee. The amazing thing is, buying and shipping the roasted beans to me in Portland, OR was extraordinarily price-competitive with buying the 12 oz. “lb.” bags stores here stock. Very much looking forward to brewing and tasting the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans I also purchased.
  • Volare, in Italian, means ?to fly?. The volatile oils in coffee beans ?fly away? after a time as well! That?s why not grinding your beans until you brew is so critical. But even more important, freshly roasted beans have a ?window? of greatness, due to the volatile nature of the oils in the coffee. Treat yourself to freshly roasted beans... it?s the difference between night and day, as compared to beans that have sat in store shelves for months.
By Mike
Eastern US
Great coffe
July 13, 2020
Great coffee, great price, and quick shipping. What more could you want?!
By Annette
Buffalo, NY
Highest rating you can get
March 7, 2020
I live for coffee. I purchased this item in whole bean and i have never enjoyed a cup of coffee more. The beans are fresh and packaged so they do not dry out. If you like coffee, i highly recommend you try this one.

One very happy coffee lover.
By Ed S.
Metamora , MI48455
Good...not great
February 6, 2020
Purchased pound bags of Sumatra Black Satin. Not bad. Have had better
  • Med. to full body without acidity.
  • One dimensional. Lacked breath of flavor. Should be priced @ $2.00 per pound lower. I,m a seasoned , full body coffee consumer. Starbucks Sumatra appeals to me more
By Jeff H.
Smooth Dark Roast
February 5, 2020
The roast is perfect for a smooth cup of coffee. No cream or additives needed. The description on the website is spot on!
By Harry
Bennington, NH
Great coffee
January 4, 2020
Good full bodied taste very smooth would buy this again.
By Timothy P.
mans go juice
November 11, 2018
this is morningtime getty-up go coffee thats good dark good coffee!
By gtrchomp
Jacksonville Florida
Just right
December 28, 2015
I look for medium to strong coffees without a lingering aftertaste...this one does the job!