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Rise N' Shine Basket
GourmetCoffee.net’s Rise ‘N’ Shine coffee basket offers quite a variety of treats, especially if you’re looking for a fancy, small office gift or something to give to a large family. We have put together a gift set that anyone will enjoy because there is something for everyone. Gift wrapped in a 10x10x5 gift box, you will receive one half pound bag of Colombian Supremo ‘La Valle Verde,’ a South American coffee that offers a very rich and warm taste with a heady aroma. Medium-roasted with a full body, the Colombian Supremo beans brew a delicious and crisp cup. You’ll also get a half pound bag of Sumatra ‘Black Satin’ coffee. Sumatra ‘Black Satin’ is a dark roast with a heavy body that finishes with hints of brown sugar and chocolate.

The Rise ‘N’ Shine basket also includes the Cayman Island’s famous export: the Tortuga Rum Cake. Made with the famous, aged Tortuga Gold Rum, this 4oz. dessert cake proves to be full of flavor. As part of this sampler, we have also included Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Cocoa in two 1.5oz. packets. The Double Chocolate Cocoa is made with real cocoa beans blended with hints of vanilla and sugar. For an incredibly sweet treat, mix with hot water for a delicious hot chocolate. Last, but certainly not least, is an assortment of Tazo Teas. The Tazo Tea Assorted Sampler Tea Box contains 8 single-serve teas (3 bags for each flavor) including: Awake, China Green Tips, Early Grey, Tazo Chai, Zen, and three caffeine free teas: Calm, Passion, and Refresh.
  • (1) ˝ lb bag Colombian Supremo 'La Valle Verde'- Rich in medium-roasted flavor and aroma with a smooth finish.
  • (1) ˝ lb bag Sumatra 'Black Satin'- Dark-roasted coffee that has a smoky aroma and pungently deep flavor.
  • (1) 4oz. Tortuga Rum Cake- Imported from the Cayman Islands and sweetened with high-quality rum.
  • (2) 1.5oz. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cocoa- Perfectly sweet ground cocoa that makes the perfect hot chocolate.
  • Tazo Tea Assorted Sampler Tea Box- A wide assortment of the beloved Tazo Teas.
  • 10x10x5 Gift Box
This gift box is perfect for someone who appreciates both light and dark coffees, tea assortments, and has a sweet tooth! With a lot of different flavors packed into this gift box, there is going to be something to please everyone!

The Rise N' Shine Basket qualifies for $5.95 Shipping!