Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' Coffee (5lb Bag)

Organic Mexico Coffee (5lb Bag)
5 lbGrind Qty: $47.95
The Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' Fair-Trade coffee beans are often called 'friendly' for their socially and environmentally awareness, but mostly for its affable flavor. The delicious aroma the Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' beans feature chocolate, nut, and a buttery decadence of warmth. However, if you are looking for a little spice in your organic beans, these fair-trade 'Altura Tollan' offer a hint of chili pepper. What a spicy, organic cup of coffee!

Grown on a plantation located in the Sierra Madres, surrounded by eight different volcanoes, the soil to produce these Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' beans is gloriously perfect. Drenched in high humidity, the 'Altura Tollan' trees are submerged in a great tropical climate that stimulates an ideal environment for an organic gourmet coffee like this one.

When buying these organic beans, which are protected by shade trees, you are not only helping the environment of Mexico, but you are empowering a community. A team of 76 certified members train fellow coffee growers, so the coffee cultivation can continue to grow and provide financial permanence for families, local schools, and leadership and management programs for women.

With an impressionable aroma that will entice you, this Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' Fair-Trade coffee will spice up your day-to-day life and benefit the Chiapas community in Mexico.