Organic Dominican Republic 'Santo Domingo' Fair-Trade (5lb Bag)

Organic Dominican Republic Domingo' Fair-Trade (5lb Bag)
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The Dominican Republic is known for rich, complex coffees. The organic fair trade 'Santo Domingo' beans from the Dominican Republic create a great, full-body cup of coffee that will leave coffee connoisseurs feeling great about their socially conscious decision to buy fair trade especially considering the extraordinary taste!

With over 500,000 people in the Dominican Republic dedicating their lives to coffee cultivation, it's no wonder that this area of the world is now offering many organic and fair trade farms. They deserve to reap the benefits of their incredible coffee, and since these beans are grown on small farms, the fair trade benefits will help raise the quality of life, all while improving the organic bean quality!

Thanks to the impeccable climate, the limestone and granite mountain ranges, and a green thumb (both on the farm and in an environmentally way) for coffee growing, the Dominican people are putting "Santo Domingo" beans on the map. This coffee has a heavenly decadence and a pleasant tang, not too strong and not too lenient in flavor. It's a perfected taste.

This handpicked, wet processed, fresh water washed coffee receives special attention from start to finish. Since so much care goes into each roast, this organic fair trade coffee is ideal to be fancied when looking for a little rest and relaxation! The Dominican Republic's 'Santo Domingo' organic fair trade beans strive for excellence with each cup never falling short, providing immense customer satisfaction time and time again.