Organic Central American Beneficio Fair-Trade (1lb Bag)

Organic Central American Coffee (1lb Bag)
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Organic Central American Beneficio is one balanced cup of fair trade coffee! If you love a medium roast that offers a full body with a warming and enduring bite to it, this 100% certified organic coffee will deliver the flavor you've been looking for. From the first whiff of the savory aroma, this Central American Beneficio will benefit all your senses!

Buying organic is important it is chemical free and cultivated under safe regulations, which empowers and helps the farmers make a consistently fair profit. With over 2, 300 small coffee growers benefiting from the purchase of this coffee, it's important to look at the community that reaps the benefits. These Central American workers have been able to form cultivation associations and cooperatives in order to handle coffee production, administrative development, and fair trade coffee distribution.

These Central American Beneficio organic beans are produced by these hardworking people under shade trees. Shade trees provide astonishing results: better organic tasting fair trade beans, environmental friendly farms, bird habitats, extensive biodiversity, and preventative measures for protecting the rainforest. Once they are fully bloomed under these trees, the coffee fruits are picked, processed, and dried under the sun.

The sunshine and individual attention given to these beans from the Central American people are responsible for the high quality and tasty brews, making it an organic coffee that shouldn't be passed up.