Organic Bolivia Fair-Trade Coffee

Organic Bolivia Fair-Trade Coffee (1/2 lb Bag)
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Buying organic fair trade coffee is one of the best things you can do, and this Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' is one of the best coffees you will ever taste! This fair trade coffee has an incredible flavor and smoothness to it and its full body flavor has a chocolatey finish. If you like flavor to linger long past your last sip, the Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' beans will impress.

This fair trade organic coffee gets its name, 'Colonial Caranavi', from the native farmers that dedicate all their time and effort into cultivating outstanding beans they are known as colonials! With 41 different farms, each around three acres, these farmers take the greatest pride to grow Bolivian coffee beans.

Organic coffees such as this Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' are pesticide, herbicide, and chemical free. While this benefits the coffee drinker immensely, it also protects farmers and their land. The Fair Trade certification empowers farmers to invest in their farms and communities for fair wages and humane treatment. This ensures the quality of coffee beans in your cup.

These delicious organic beans that are 100% certified fair trade are dried on raised bed patios. The bed patios ensure an even roast later in the roasting process, ultimately giving these Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' beans their total richness. If you are looking for an organic and fair trade friendly coffee with a light chocolate taste, buy your organic Bolivian beans from the 'colonial' farmers.