Nutmeg Spice Flavored Decaf Coffee

Nutmeg Spice Flavored Decaf Coffee (1/2lb Bag)
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If nutmeg is your go-to spice, this Decaf Nutmeg Spice flavored coffee will give your taste buds exactly what it's looking for loads of flavor! Our decaf coffee retains the same delicious flavors and aroma as our regular coffee, except it is decaffeinated and lacks effects of caffeine. With a warm, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor you will feel cozy and heart warmed with each cup of this delicious decaf coffee. Although this is an ideal coffee for the fall and winter months, go ahead drink it year round, it's too delicious not to especially if you love spices that will jump start your morning with loads of flavor!

Nutmeg used to be one of the most expensive spices available. In fact, if you could buy nutmeg, you were considered to be set financially for life. Now, nutmeg is an affordable spice that is often added to cakes, cookies, pies, and other treats. Known for its pleasant aroma that will stir your senses, this precious spice is exactly what your taste buds are looking for when they what a little kick of powerful spice. And to top it off, each cup of our Decaf Nutmeg Spice flavored coffee only has 2 calories. You can't go wrong with something this delicious!

Made with 100% Arabica beans, this sweetly rich Decaf Nutmeg Spice flavored coffee will be the fresh and high in quality once it reaches you. will roast and ship on the same day, so your Nutmeg Spice will be of optimal quality the minute it hits your taste buds!