New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee

New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee (1/2 lb Bag)
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New Orleans is known for Mardi Gras, its beignets, and a deep rooted history. This New New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee captures the traditions and flavors of New Orleans, Louisiana complete with chicory. This rich, dark coffee is blended with Colombian beans and a darkly velveteen French Roast, both of which add a full body that absorb the chicory flawlessly. It's like this blend was made especially with the flavors and traditions of New Orleans in mind oh wait, it was!

Chicory doesn't have caffeine in it, but brews a much more refined and roasted flavor than most caffeine infused beans. The early French residents of New Orleans added chicory to their coffee, and the people of New Orleans haven't stopped since. This Chicory blend is a very dark cup of coffee, but its flavor knows no bounds; it is popular today all over the world, including places such as Belgium, Madras, and now, your home kitchen! loves to feature traditional and regional tastes, and with this New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee everyone can experience a little piece of history from Louisiana! If you are looking for an exceptional coffee to pair with desserts the New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee will no doubt be the best choice!

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