Monin Swiss Chocolate Syrup 750ml / 25.4 fl oz.

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UPC: 738337007620
Manufacturer Part Number: M-AR043U
Monin Swiss Chocolate Syrup
If milk chocolate is your favorite kind of chocolate, the Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup will make your mouth water with joy! This syrup tastes like a milk chocolate candy bar and it adds the perfect hint of chocolate to anything your chocolate-loving heart could desire. The Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup is a delicious addition to espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, coffee, and teas. It also goes exceptionally well in smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails.

Like all Monin syrup products, this Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup has zero fat, cholesterol, artificial flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives. Monin syrups are also highly concentrated and made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. However, some Monin flavors such as this syrup contain coloring additives. If you want this chocolate treat with zero fat beyond beverages, we recommend the Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup over pancakes, waffles, crepes, muffins, oatmeal, ice-cream, and of course, you could add it into brownies, cookies, and other confections!

For those that love milk chocolate and espresso, the Vanilla Fudge Latte is the perfect mix of Monin Swiss Chocolate and sweet espresso. Combine 1 shot of espresso, oz. of Monin Vanilla syrup, oz. of Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup, and oz. of Monin Macadamia Nut syrup in a mug and stir. Fill the cup up with steamed milk and top with whipped cream!

For a sweet chocolate treat, this decadent Monin Swiss Chocolate syrup will hit the spot!