Monin *Sugar-Free* Amaretto Syrup 750ml / 25.4 fl oz.

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Monin *Sugar-Free* Amaretto Syrup
Monin Sugar Free Amaretto syrup is bitter, sweet, and tastes like an almond-caramel cookie. If you love Monin syrups and a bittersweet flavor, this highly concentrated and naturally made syrup will do the trick. With natural fruits, nuts, spices, and water, this sugar free Monin Amaretto is the perfect addition for lattes, mochas, cocktails, coffee, steamers, smoothies, and sodas. It even tastes incredible on pancakes – if you want a breakfast snack!

Amaretto is known as a flavored liqueur, but this great alternative is a substitute for those that love Amaretto liqueur and sugar-free products. Monin Sugar Free syrups offer a traditional syrup texture that is completely sugar free, with no calories or aftertaste.

This Monin Sugar Free Amaretto syrup is the perfect low-calorie treat, ideal for diabetic lifestyles. With a ton of flavor, you won’t even miss the sugar!