Monin *Sugar-Free* Strawberry Syrup

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UPC: 738337882333
Manufacturer Part Number: M-AS042U
Monin *Sugar-Free* Strawberry Syrup
With its freshly picked berry aroma and taste of sweetness only mother nature could give, Monin Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup is sure to get your taste buds singing. Monin O'free syrups combine natural flavors with a blend of sugar free and calorie free Splenda and the natural sugar free sweetener Eridex. Have you thought about this? Try Monin Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup drizzled over your hot waffles or brownies, ice cream, or add it to your lemonade, tea, or flavored soda. The possibilities are endless!

No guilt here! This Strawberry gourmet treat is free of sugar, calories, fat, and aftertaste. Monin Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup is the perfect addition for sugar-free and diabetic lifestyles. Don't wait all year for strawberries to be in season to indulge a little. Like Monin Sugar-Free Peach Syrup makes a refreshing cup of peach tea, so will Monin Sugar-Free strawberry Syrup. There is nothing quite like the fruity, fresh, and invigorating taste of strawberry tea. Create your signature drink and or dessert with Monin Sugar-Free strawberry Syrup and sweeten your day today.