Monin Praline Syrup 750ml / 25.4 fl oz.

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Manufacturer Part Number: M-AR064U
Monin Praline Syrup

Monin Praline

If you love the sweet, nutty taste of pralines, the Monin Praline syrup will satisfy your love of sugary confections and nuts. Since pralines are generally made with pecans, a soft nutty flavor is attributed to this Monin Praline syrup! This flavor goes well in lattes, mochas, hot and iced coffees, steamers, cocoa, cream sodas, smoothies, shakes, and cocktails.

Like all Monin syrup products, this Monin Praline syrup has zero fat, cholesterol, artificial flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives. Monin syrups are also highly concentrated and made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. This Monin Praline syrup tastes distinctively like caramel, and it goes perfectly in dairy ingredients such as milk, cream, and half and half. For some sweet praline flavor in the morning, the Monin Praline syrup makes an incredible Praline Cappuccino. Pour 2 shots of espresso, ? oz. of Monin Praline syrup, and 2 oz of steamed milk into a preheated coffee mug. Top the mug with 2 oz. of thick foamed milk. For a garnish, coat the top with whipped cream and cinnamon.

If you desire an after dinner dessert cocktail, make a Southern Praline Martini. First fill a mixing glass with ice. Mix ? oz of Monin Caramel syrup, 1 oz. of Monin Praline syrup, ? oz. of Irish Cream liqueur, 1 oz. of Bourbon, and 1 oz. of Ice Cream. Cap the mixing glass, shake intensely and then pour into a chilled glass ? rimmed with crushed pecans or caramel. Garnish with whipped cream and chopped pecans!

Nothing is better than a nutty flavor with caramel undertones, so if you have a nut-loving sweet tooth, this Monin syrup will make your mouth water with its endless possibilities!

  • Golden brown

Tasting Notes:

  • Distinctive caramel and nut aroma with a creamy pecan taste sensation


  • Lattes – mochas - Hot and iced coffee – Steamers – cocoa - Cream Sodas – Smoothies – shakes - Cocktails


  • May be used with dairy ingredients: milk, cream, half & half.