Maui Red Catuai Coffee

Maui Red Catuai Coffee
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Maui Red Catuai coffee (the sister of Maui Yellow Caturra) is better known as the cabernet of coffee. With a robust consistency for a medium roast, this Hawaiian coffee bean features burgundy flavors with a hint of spice. If you love red wine, this Maui Red coffee will tickle your fancy from the very first cheek-warming sip!

Grown in Maui, Hawaii, these coffee beans are best harvested in late autumn. The Maui Red Catuai is best known for having an affable sweetness, and it is closely linked to Caturra and Mundo Novo coffees for its hardy thickness of flavor.

Although Hawaiian coffees are often associated with Kona beans, the Maui Read Catuai offers a deep tasting roast that is perfect for a brisk fall morning pick-me-up. With grapefruit subtleties, the buttery finish differs immensely from Kona and showcases the spiciness of the Hawaiian Islands. Who knew Hawaii's relaxed atmosphere could inspire such a sassy coffee bean filled with sophisticated flavors?

If you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur and love when your morning cup of coffee fills you up, this delicious brew will make you salivate over the right amount of spiciness and zest-creating warmth.