Maui Passion Fruit Smoothie

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Maui Passion Fruit Smoothie

If you like your smoothies to take you on a tropical vacation without ever having to leave the house, the Maui Passion Fruit smoothie is a sweet escape. Made with cane sugar and real fruit purees, this smoothie mix captures an exotic and tangy tartness. Instead of turning to an everyday fruit based smoothie, let the Maui Passion Fruit take your taste buds away.

Like all Maui smoothies, this Passion Fruit mix does not have any high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. Also, there is absolutely no fat included in this Maui Passion Fruit smoothie – so you can feel good about serving this delicious fruit smoothie!

If you like to enjoy smoothies on their own, mix 7 oz. of the Maui Passion Fruit smoothie with 8 oz. of ice and blend! This sweet smoothie will refresh you from start to finish, making it a great way to stay refreshed during the summer. believes that Maui smoothies are best enjoyed the way you like them the most, and whether that’s by itself or with something else, we know you will be satisfied with the Passion Fruit flavor!