Maui Lemon Ice

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Maui Lemon Ice
No Maui Smoothie flavor celebrates summer quite like the Maui Lemon Ice – this mix is hands down the most refreshing summertime pick-me-up. Perfect to drink while you lounge poolside during the day or to serve during your backyard barbeque, the Maui Lemon Ice smoothie is succulently sweet and completely delicious. Made with authentic cane sugar and real fruit puree, this Lemon Ice smoothie mix will be perfect to cool down with when those dog days of summer hit!

Just like all Maui Smoothies, there is no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients – so you can feel good about this wholesome smoothie product. However, you can feel free to indulge because Maui Lemon Ice also contains no fat! Upon the first sip, you will feel like you hit the smoothie jack pot with this one!

To enjoy this smoothie on its own, mix 7 oz. of the Maui Lemon Ice mix with 8 oz. of ice and blend to smoothie perfection! To liven up your favorite homemade summertime lemonade recipe, add some of this Maui Lemon Ice to sweeten and add an extra zing into this trusted summertime beverage!

For popsicles, pour the Maui Lemon Ice blend into popsicle molds, freeze, and then enjoy when the mood for authentic lemon flavor hits!

If you love the tartly flavor of lemon, knows that you will fall head over heels for Maui Lemon Ice. Look no further than this smoothie mix for this summer – it doesn’t get any better than this!