Maui Banana Smoothie

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Maui Banana Smoothie
Maui Banana Smoothie mix is refreshingly authentic in its taste, so authentic you will go bananas for the original flavor. In fact, it tastes so much like a banana, the only difference is that you donít have to peel it Ė just indulge in the mix! Made with real banana puree, this healthy smoothie snack is the perfect treat with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, and best of all, no fat! You can enjoy this sweet fruit without feeling guilty!

Not only does this Maui Banana Smoothie mix have a flavor that is healthy and refreshing, but it has versatile enjoyment options. For those that enjoy more traditional smoothies, the Maui Banana Smoothie stands alone perfectly. To make a 16 oz. serving, mix 7 oz. of the smoothie mix with 8 oz. of ice Ė blend until smooth for an instant refresher!

If you like to make protein shakes (good for pre and post work outs) with real fruit purees, mixing this Maui Banana Smoothie mix in with your protein shake can really stir things up and add zesty freshness and flavor! Now, you can have a sweet taste, your protein, and enjoy it too!

We know at how important it is to have fresh tasting smoothies that use real ingredients, and we believe that you will notice the difference in this Maui Banana Smoothie mix. Itíll be love at first taste!