Kona Coffee Blend

Kona Coffee Blend <BR>(1/2 lb Bag)
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Two beans are better than one in the Kona Coffee Blend! With fine Arabica beans and Kona beans roasted harmoniously together, this Hawaiian based blend offers a thorough experience of deliciously rich flavor. Our Roastmaster brilliantly blends Kona beans, one of the world's most coveted coffee beans, with beans from both Central and South America. With a smooth finish, a rich body, and a wallop of tang the Kona Coffee Blend is an unprecedented blend.

Hawaii's ideal climate creates some of the world's most ideal tasting coffee. With a perfect recipe of sun, humidity, afternoon shade, and delicate care the Kona beans are exceptional in every way, shape, and form!

Although Kona can stand on its own, this Kona Coffee blend uses the best Arabica beans to carefully pull the strength and taste of Kona into each brew. If you love your coffee to smell strong, roll back gently on your pleasured taste buds, and enjoy a nutty aftertaste this one-of-a-kind blend will have you saying 'Aloha' in no time!

Since the Kona Coffee Blend is so delicious, it's hard to wonder what our Roastmaster will come up with next. You can't get any better than this!