Kenya AA Coffee 1/2lb Sample

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Kenya AA Coffee 1/2lb Sample
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Kenya AA coffee beans are some of the finest African coffee beans in the world, and their flavorful taste makes them stand out against other African coffees. If you prefer your coffee to have a medium roast, a sharp tang with a mildly stoic body, and you enjoy a smooth yet winy flavor consistency, this aromatic brew is perfect for you.

'AA' refers to the size, shape, and density of the Kenya coffee beans, and on a scale with other bean types, the 'AA' African coffee beans produce beloved oils so that the aroma and flavor intensifies. These oils explain why Kenya AA coffee beans are known for having an intense and rich aroma, which makes drinking the coffee even more of a savory experience.

In Kenya, where these AA beans are grown, it is traditional for the coffee growers to follow very strict guidelines and coffee growing procedures. This ensures that the high volumes of coffee produced in Kenya are the highest of quality and highly ranked. Grown on small farms and cooperative milling locations, the Kenya coffee growing community uses agricultural skills and the rich, red volcanic soil of Kenya to produce a classic cup.

If an unforgettable coffee is what you're looking for you don't have to fly to Africa for a strong cup of coffee. Instead, let Kenya AA coffee give you a first-hand experience of what good African coffee should taste like!