Java 'Dutch Estate' Coffee (1lb Bag)

Java 'Dutch Estate' Coffee (1lb Bag)
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You may be wondering why coffee is sometimes called java. The term itself actually means "coffee grown on the island of Java," and Java is the largest of the Indonesian islands. These Java 'Dutch Estate' coffee beans have a piquant aroma and offer a quick finish with a zingy tinge and a chocolately undertone that will make you understand why everyone wants to attribute their coffee to be 'Java.'

Grown in volcanic soil at 4, 500 feet, this medium roast has a classic Indonesian coffee flavor. However, coffee cultivation hasn't always come easy to Indonesia. With the Dutch originally bringing Arabica coffee plants over, the Arabic did not grow as well as the people of Indonesia wished. Instead of giving up on coffee production, the people of Indonesia and Java sought after a different kind of coffee bean tree and discovered Liberica beans. To this day, Indonesia's Java 'Dutch Estate' coffee beans still come from these successfully growing trees.

In Java, it is tradition to share a cup of coffee with any visitors that come to your house. With Java 'Dutch Estate' you can keep it to yourself or share if you want, but regardless, you will bask in the sweet flavor, heavy aroma, and feel indulged in the chocolate undertones.
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By Wayne C.
April 26, 2022
Very smooth, full bodied, earthy, delicious!
By Dorine
Pamplin, Va
Smooth daily Joe
July 16, 2016
Coffee is full flavored, rich depths. Overall my new daily morning cup.
  • Lots of flavor & not acidic
  • None
By Sandy P.
S cal.
Very good
March 24, 2016
Very good coffee soft warm quick Finnish.reason why not 5 stars its not what I want in cofffee
By Bill S.
San Francisco
Really interesting to try Liberica species of coffee
November 16, 2015
When I was trying to find a robusta coffee for espresso, I ran across an article saying that there are other species of coffee besides arabica and robusta, including liberica and excelsa (with some disagreement over whether those are separate species or just very different members of the same one.) Your Java Dutch Estate coffee has a good description of where it comes from. It's a different taste, and blends well with African/MiddleEastern coffees.
  • Different, dark, muddy, works especially well with Ethiopian and similar coffees to provide balance.
  • High in caffeine, if that bothers you. If you brew the stuff for too long, it's bitter and thin, so don't overdo it. (I use a French press, which may accentuate that; more than 5 minutes is too long, and sometimes I've forgotten it in the kitchen.)