Jalapeno Coconut Flavored Decaf Coffee

Jalapeno Coconut Flavored Decaf Coffee (1lb Bag)
1 lbGrind Qty: $14.50
For a kick of flavor, try the Jalapeño Coconut flavored gourmet coffee from GourmetCoffee.net! This is the perfect mixture of all things sweet – coconut, with all things spicy – jalapeño peppers. If you love uniquely roasted coffee that can offer your palate endless flavors that will leave you wanting more, this Jalapeño Coconut concoction is perfect for meeting your exciting coffee-drinking needs.

This is an adventurous coffee that tastes sweet and spicy, juicy and fresh, and of course, hot and cold. For those that like a juxtaposition with their flavors, it doesn't get any better than this. The jalapeño peppers will make your mouth water with heat, while the juicy coconut will be sweet. Made with 100% real Arabica beans, you will not only get the utmost in flavor – but the highest quality available. This delicious treat is an ideal afternoon snack, and it's filled with flavor you don't have to feel bad about – there are only 2 calories per cup!

GourmetCoffee.net believes in small batch roasting, so your Jalapeño Coconut flavored coffee will have the flavor and aroma you are looking for. Roasted and shipped on the same day, you will receive these deliciously exciting beans as fresh as possible.