Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Guatemala Antigua Coffee
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Coffee is the number one industry in Guatemala, and these Guatemala Antigua coffee beans have enough flavors to show that Guatemala is enthusiastic about all things coffee. Although these beans offer a light-medium roast, Guatemala Antigua beans are rich in flavor and full of spice. With a smoky undertone, these coffee beans have both an understated chocolate taste and a zingy yet spicy twist.

Grown in high altitudes near volcanoes, these coffee beans are well-known and highly rated for their perfect richness and quality. The Antiguan people take special care in tending to their beans, making sure no imperfections are passed through their intensive inspections. Not only does the product quality make Guatemala Antigua coffee beans so great, but the process in which the beans are grown stands out. These coffee beans are grown on over 100 different species of shade trees, which provide maturity of the beans that offer a complex aroma and flavor.

If you relish high-quality flavors that mix and match well, these Guatemala Antigua coffee beans are ideal for you. The smoky essence contrasts the soft chocolaty undertones impeccably, and this Guatemalan coffee's spicy twist leaves an unforgettable finish. Nothing quite like a spicy indulgence, compliments of Guatemala, to start the day off with!

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