Espresso Italia Coffee

Espresso Italia Coffee <BR>(1/2 lb Bag)
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1 lbGrind Qty: $14.95
5 lbGrind Qty: $49.95
Espresso Italia pays homage to the classic southern Italian culture of espresso. With 100% Arabica beans roasted to achieve a "full city roast," the Espresso Italia has a medium roast with an exciting aroma, mild twisty tang and complexity, and a smooth well-rounded finish. The quality of this Italian based espresso will transport you to the cobblestone streets of Italy with its sweet authentic café taste!

A "full city roast" means that the Arabica beans are caught between the first and second crack which contributes to producing a well-formed espresso experience. The Espresso Italia is known for its boldness and a very restrained yet mild bitterness. Popular for those that love making full-body flavored cappuccinos and abundantly luscious lattes, the Espresso Italia makes exceptional espresso based drinks.

Although we are dedicated to providing the freshest quality espresso and are happy to grind your beans for you, we highly recommend that you order your espresso whole bean. For a true-blue espresso encounter, the beans should be ground immediately prior to use.

If you prefer to enjoy your espresso without the fanciness of a cappuccino or latte, the Espresso Italia works as a molto buona (very good – in Italian) stand-alone espresso. Whichever way you prefer it, this Espresso Italia will take your tastebuds on a stroll through Italy!

Use: Stand-alone Espresso, Cappuccinos and Lattes

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