Dutch Trader Decaf Coffee

Dutch Trader Decaf Coffee (1/2lb Bag)
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1 lbGrind Qty: $13.95
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This Decaf Dutch Trader coffee is strong and willful, just like the famous Dutch man named Johan who decided the coffee business would put the Dutch people on the map. This powerful coffee uses the freshest decaffeinated Arabica beans from both Indonesia and Africa. While the Indonesian beans offer this Decaf Dutch Trader blend a raw earthiness, full body of flavor, the African coffee beans provide this blend with a medium balance of body and a zestful brilliance. Our Roastmaster has captured an ultimate balance of fullness and resilient acidity in this blend.

Speaking of resilience, Johan's struggle to make coffee a major commodity was driven by his determination to succeed for his family despite hardships such as sailing the high seas, ruthless businessmen looking to take on the coffee industry too, disease, and dangerous pirates. Without much success, Johan traveled the world in search of the best coffee and eventually brought the flavors he loved back home making his family proud and energized for his discoveries and newly acquired wealth!

The GourmetCoffee.net family believes that coffee should excite you the way it did Johan and his family and this is we why we offer the Decaf Dutch Trader blend. With the Indonesia coffee beans and the African coffee beans blended together to perfectly compliment each other, this decaffeinated blend will not disappoint.