Deluxe French Press Kit

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Deluxe French Press Kit
Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just starting to experience the world of coffee, believes the Deluxe French Press Kit will hit the spot for new homeowners, college students, newlyweds, and of course, your best friend who is endlessly seeking to make a perfect cup of coffee! In this French Press Kit, water, a tablespoon, a timer, and your favorite coffee mug are needed – we provide the rest.

Starting you off with 3 half-pounds of coffee, wants you to experience some of the strongest and most beloved flavors through the French Press process. The India Mysore and the Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec' will offer you truly authentic flavors from the coffee’s region, while the Organic fair trade Ethiopia will fill your cup with some of the freshest coffee around.

With all the equipment you could ever need to brew the perfect French Pressed cup of coffee,’s Deluxe French Press Kit includes everything for the ultimate at home experience. For a truly at home coffee experience, the Deluxe French Press Kit will deliver an impressionable coffee making experience without a doubt. Purchase this for your own at home experience and we know you'll love it. Purchase this as a gift, and whomever you send it to will love it too!

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