Costa Rica Reserve Decaf Coffee

Costa Rica Reserve Decaf Coffee (1/2lb Bag)
½ lbGrind Qty: $9.50
1 lbGrind Qty: $15.95
5 lbGrind Qty: $57.95
Costa Rica is known for its diverse weather and exciting coffee and Decaf Costa Rica Reserve is a seamless compilation of diversity and fun! Brilliant in flavor, thanks to its mouthwatering tang, these decaffeinated Costa Rican coffee beans offer a tantalizing aroma and a light-medium body that will provide a classic cup of coffee.

These strictly hard beans (also known as SHB) are grown in high altitudes reaching around 3,900 feet. Decaf Costa Rica Reserve benefits from the high altitude which creates a slow roasting bean, full of density and rich flavors. Since Costa Rica offers the perfect altitude for growing these flavorful beans, Decaf Costa Rican Reserve captures the best of the slow roasting process.

Currently, Costa Rican coffee is undergoing a change from large plantation work to smaller coffee mills. This transition is providing the people of Costa Rica with an ability to handle all the coffee beans themselves, which in return produces coffee that is often considered to be exceptionally balanced and clean-tasting.

If you are a coffee connoisseur, this brightly flavored Decaf Costa Rican Reserve will inspire you to soar through the canopies of Costa Rica or at least, dream about it while indulging in a strong end finish with each cup.