Bunn Plastic Pitcher

Bunn Plastic Pitcher
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This Bunn Plastic Pitcher is a great addition to any kitchen – especially those with Bunn coffee machines needed to be filled with water. This white and sleek Bunn Plastic Pitcher, best used as a water pitcher, is made to fill Bunn home coffee makers, along with A10 and A10A commercial coffee makers.

With 48 oz. of space, you can fill up to 1.42 liters into your machines, which is why this Bunn Plastic Water Pitcher is ideal for 8 cup B8 and GR8 Bunn models. This pitcher is not needed for 10-cup brewers, but you can use it for different household chores such as watering plants, mixing cocktails inside of it, and storage for liquids – when you don’t need water for your coffee pot.

Without a handle, this Bunn Plastic Pitcher takes up less space and is perfect for storage thanks to its unique design., like all Bunn products, GourmetCoffee.net believes you will find this plastic pitcher a perfect fit for your kitchen and coffee making needs!

Model # 04870.0000