Brazil Cerrado Coffee

Brazil Cerrado Coffee
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Our Brazil Cerrado comes from a small family-owned farm near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Santana Estate is a tropical savanna with ideal conditions for growing specialty-grade coffees. Grown high in the mountains at elevations of 2,900 to 3,100 feet, this dry-processed bean has a traditional Brazilian taste profile you will fall in love with.

This well-balanced and earthy coffee is full-bodied, sweet and mellow. Made of 20% Yellow Catuai and 80% Mundo Novo varietals, this coffee is nutty and sweet with a terrific body. The medium-light roast brings out mouthwatering hints of chocolate and the low acidity ends in a smooth clean finish that leaves your palette ready for more. This Brazil Cerrado is perfect as an everyday go-to coffee that will wake you up in the morning or keep you going in the afternoon. Or use it as the base for your coffee drinks.