Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press 8 Cup

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Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press 8 Cup

Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press is the perfect press to brew your gourmet coffee. Made of stainless steel, the Bodum Shin Bistro holds up to 4 cups (8 Euro cups) and it is known for its simple, yet sophisticated design.

For the best results, after your coffee has brewed, hold the handle of the pot firmly (with the spout facing away from you) and use the weight of your hand to apply pressure so the top knob lowers the press plunger into the pot. This produces an exceptional cup of coffee, and itís quite simply easy.

This easy way to make coffee is also dishwasher safe, which makes this one of the most practical and convenient coffee presses available. If you are looking for a coffee press that will be easy to use yet is top-of-the-line, look no further than the Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press Ė itís just perfect for your favorite gourmet coffee beans!