Angel Face Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)

Angel Face Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
1 lbGrind Qty: $14.50
If you love Swiss chocolate and coconut flavors, this Angel Face flavored coffee incorporates the best of both flavors. With a soft and smooth chocolate taste, this Angel Face flavored coffee has a rich chocolate flavor base with a sweet intensity of coconut. The sweet and decadent aromas of the Angel Face flavored coffee will make you feel as though you are floating on a cloud, and put you in a blissful, heavenly state of mind.

In creating this decadent flavored coffee, our Roastmaster sought after the best chocolate possible, which is why we use Swiss chocolate. Since 1819, Swiss chocolate has been one of the world's most sought after chocolates because it was the first milk chocolate to be created. Made with superior quality ingredients and a mild flavor in mind, this chocolate works well with the Angel Face flavored coffee because it is not too overwhelming in flavor or aroma.

Coconut is one of the most beloved flavors in the world with loads of benefits. For example, coconuts are known for being the healthiest oils on Earth, offering many vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Even though the benefits are important to this fruit, coconuts are admired for their sweet, juicy flavors that sweep you right off your feet and onto an island.

These two distinct flavors are exceptional together, and we know you'll taste the sweetness with these 100% Arabica beans that are freshly roasted daily.

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.