After Dinner Coffee Blend (1lb Bag)

After Dinner Coffee Blend (1lb Bag)
1 lbGrind Qty: $13.95
Do you love to entertain? This is the ultimate after dinner coffee that will end your dinner party with a flawless perfection. With an initial French Roast flavor, this coffee is noticeably dark and thick, but instead of being too heavy � it finds a heavenly balance on your palate. If your idea of a good coffee blend comes with chocolate undertones, this After Dinner blend is exactly what you need.

The After Dinner coffee blend uses Ethiopian beans straight from Africa. These beans have a rustic and earthy tone to them that focuses on achieving a complex flavor, while the French Roast hones in on having a rich, thick � notoriously strong � characteristic.

Infused with cardamom, a spice that originates from India, a spicy aftertaste smooths this After Dinner blend out. With an aromatic smell, the cardamom increases the intensity of this blend by making it an aromatic coffee hard to pass up, even after a big meal.

What makes this blend so special is that even though After Dinner successfully works as an evening coffee; it also is well-brewed to start anyone's day off on the right pace. If you love dark coffee, this is the appetizing blend for you � day or night!