12-cup White Coffee Filter Flat Bottom

12-cup White Coffee Filter Flat Bottom
These 12-cup White Coffee Filters have flat bottoms, perfect for your coffee pot. If you are sick of having your gourmet coffees taste off or ruined after brewing, itís time to switch your coffee filter to these biodegradable coffee filters that optimize coffees natural ingredients for a better overall flavor and finish. By buying these 12-cup white coffee filters in bulk (a pack of 1000), you are guaranteeing yourself the experience of tasting your gourmet coffee!

Paper filters are an important aspect of the coffee drinking experience. For example, paper filters help eliminate cholesterol-raising factors from coffee, while permanent filters allow cholesterol oils to build up and seep into your cup. For healthier coffee, paper filters are the ideal route to take.

These 12-cup White Coffee Filters are perfect for 12-cup coffee pots and commercial brewers and they will provide assistance in creating an excellent tasting and flavorful cup of gourmet coffee. You treat your gourmet coffee beans with the utmost respect, so why not treat yourself to the full flavor from these white coffee filters? Go ahead, taste the difference! Contains 1,000 filters.