SwissGold Cone-Shaped Permanent Coffee Filter

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SwissGold Coffee Filter
For those that donít like spending money on paper coffee filters, the Swiss Gold Cone-Shaped Permanent Coffee Filter can be an affordable, permanent option that will let you spend more time enjoying your coffee instead of ordering new paper filters! This reusable Swiss Gold filter will fit in most home coffee makers that use size 4 cone filters, making it a staple in your every day coffee making life.

All you have to do is put the permanent Swiss Gold Cone coffee filter where you would normally place your paper filter and viola! Youíre all set to make coffee. These permanent coffee filters work best with medium grind coffees, so you will be set to brew your favorite gourmet coffees with just a swap of the paper to the permanent Ė easy and affordable, for a one-time purchase!

What makes the Swiss Gold Cone Shaped Permanent Coffee Filter even more convenient is its durability. This permanent filter will last, even in between washing. However, washing these filters is easy Ė simply wash off in water by hand and drop it in the dishwasher (it is top-rack safe).

Instead of spending money throwing away paper filters, try the Swiss Gold Cone-Shaped Permanent Coffee Filter. You canít go wrong with the price!