Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the worlds most sought after coffees. Since Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and it has embedded history as the first coffee growing region, it's no wonder these beans are incredibly popular. Offering a softly fragrant aroma, these coffee beans have a subtle floral scent and a satisfyingly intensified finish that would leave any coffee drinker's palate wanting more.

These Ethiopian beans are hand-picked, which makes the quality rank high amongst other coffees. Processed through the wet-processing method, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe's beans are fermented for over 72 hours after having their fruit and pulp removed by the use of natural enzymes. This process allows the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to absorb the sugars in the coffee fruit, creating a stronger full-body flavor in comparison to the dry-method of processing coffee.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are known for having a warm zing, which makes this coffee bean distinctive enough to rank as one of the finest. However, what makes this African coffee bean stand out is its resonant finish a highly-flavored mix that does not overpower with an earthy taste. If you are looking for a taste of coffee history, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans have everything your palate could ask for!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
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5 Stars
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January 15, 2015
Just purchased this Monday and received on Thursday. I was told by several people to purchase the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and that I would not be disappointed. Wow, the flavor fills your soul, without any hint of bitterness. Please drink without any additive, you simply do not need to adjust this flavor as it is perfect. I use a Jura C9 Super automatic, and is excellent with an espresso grind. By the way, It also has the best brewing aroma ever.
Great packaging, less waste in the recycling at 5lb bags.

A cabin in the Los Angeles Mountains
5 Stars
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amazingly amazing!
November 21, 2014
i first had Yirgacheffe at an Ethiopian restaurant in LA and it was the best coffee i ever had. They roasted the beans in a pan in front of us, ground them in a mortar and pestle and served the coffee in a Jebeba, all of which added to the excitement and mysticism. Of course i dont do any of that at home. I grind the beans in a Hamilton beach and push it though a one cup keurig. This bean is such a quality product that even with my crude industrialized preparation, it still is the most delicious coffees in the world.
full bodied but still has light fruit like qualities.

Beltsville, Maryland
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Smooth Taste
October 22, 2015
This is the only espresso that I have had without sugar. There is no acidity or sharp taste and it still taste the same when left overnight.